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Matthew Sheeks- Personal Endurance Coaching
Helping You Enjoy Multisport While Accomplishing Your Goals

A Word from the Coach.
I love the triathlon lifestyle, engaging in the endurance community, training with other people, and being competitive.  And although I love what I do, I understand how time-consuming, and complicated Multisport training can be. I would love to help you improve your triathlon experience through personalized training schedules, improved bike fit, swim, and run skills, as well as streamline your current training and racing plan. 

Perhaps you are looking to train just for running or cycling.  I would love to help you optimize your potential in that as well.  Anyone from national class to weekend warriors can benefit from having a knowledgeable coach.  If you are looking for a simplified training plan with a proven track record, you have come to the right place!  Email me and let’s get started!

Using a time tested and empirically verified approach.
The foundational principle which unites all endurance sports is that humans are generally lacking in endurance, but usually have enough speed for a long-distance event.  Smart training addresses at least these 5 elements, at the right time, to optimize potential.

1)       Base training
a.       Increases the bodies ability to burn fat as a fuel source.
b.       Increases mitochondrial density.
c.        Expands and even creates capillary beds
2)       Lactate Threshold
a.       Increases the length of time in which an athlete can maintain an intensity at or close to lactate turnpoint.
3)       Interval Training
a.       Allows the body to recruit a larger muscle mass during exercise through neurological adaptations and increases in VO2 max.
4)       Speed Skills
a.       Improves economy, even over long distances.
b.       Useful for short bursts potentially needed in endurance events.
5)       Mechanics (fit/form)
a.       Ensures the body uses prime movers to propel the athlete.
b.       Increases aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to the athlete's advantage.
Training Packages

The real McCoy, the Mack-daddy, the bees-nees. Well, you get the idea. This is the obvious choice for serious local triathletes looking to do something special. Includes:
· Initial Training Assessment
· Full training schedule, down to the minute training instructions
· Weekly personal phone or email updates.
· MONTHLY PERSONAL COACHING SESSION. Can include: Professional Bike fit; running gait analysis, swim stroke analysis; lactic threshold testing; Heart rate zone determination; improvement testing, simulated altitude sessions, nutrition analysis, and more.

For those on a tight budget, or who lack the proximity to make one of the more extensive 
packages useful. Includes Initial training assessment, full personalized training schedule, 
personal email updates 1x/week.

Full running specific program, anywhere from 1500m to Marathon.

Rates are based on need and run somewhere from the $150-275/month range. Please email Matt for an estimate.

Matt’s Credentials

Coaching Credentials.
  • USATF Level One Coach 
  • 2007-2008 Assistant XC/track Coach for Seattle University
  • Bike fitter for Sammamish Valley Cycle, 1999-2004
Racing Experience.
  • 2010 US Pro Duathlon National Champion
  • Placed 5th in 2012 Ironman St. George and posted fastest run split
  • Placed 6th in 2012 Ironman Canada
  • Placed 5th in Ironman 70.3 Mount-Tremblant
  • Placed 8th in Pro field at Ironman Lake Placid in 2010 and posted fastest run split
  • 2009 World Amateur Duathlon Champion
  • Matt ran XC/Track at the NCAA Division 1 level for University of Portland
  • Matt has raced bikes for 15 years, and is a Cat 3 Road Racer and Cat 2 on the track